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Why I Wasted My Time Watching this Season of The Bachelorette

Why I Wasted My Time Watching this Season of The Bachelorette

Those who know me best know that I am a Bachelor franchise fanatic. During each season I live for Monday nights. My friends and I hold a Bachelor/ette fantasy league where we make brackets the first night and keep track of who gets the boot each week. Last season, my bracket was pretty bad, but my friend Ellie ended up winning the fantasy league because she picked Vanessa (I had Danielle L going all the way). During the summer, I get all of my friends together (with lots of pasta and ice cream) and we watch at the edge of our seats during each episode. 

Even though I love the Bachelor/ette, I know that it is pretty silly and unrealistic. So when my coworkers and grandma "Can't believe that I watch that show" I just say "I know, I know" and that it is my guilty pleasure. 

My problem is though that I actually had faith in Rachel and this season of the Bachelorette. This season, to me, wasn't a guilty pleasure, it was serious. The show marketed this season like she was this normal person and that she actually going to make some good decisions (and she did), but she did not make the right ultimate decision and this is why I feel like I wasted my time. 

Rachel is the first black Bachelorette and so she felt a lot of pressure during her season. She felt that she needed to make her community and the world proud with the decisions she made. Rachel is also a lawyer, so I really thought that her profession would play a role into her picking the right man. Everyday at her job she has to figure out who is lying, people's motives, and who has the right intensions. But during her season, she failed at doing all of these things that she has to do on a regular basis. 

My friends and I have been routing for Peter from the beginning. He is a business owner (whatever that means) from Wisconsin and just screamed NORMAL from the beginning. He was so sweet and Rachel and Peter seemed to hit it off like no other. 

But, the problem was that Peter was not ready to propose to Rachel at the end of the show, only after a couple months of dating...

How NORMAL of him!

Rachel's come back was that she didn't want to go through this whole process, just to have another boyfriend in the end. She had enough boyfriends and all she wanted was a husband. 

Understandable, but when you have a connection with someone, you wait for when the time is right. 

On Rachel's hometown date in Dallas, Peter explained this situation to Rachel's family and they liked his hesitation because his hesitation to propose was NORMAL. They liked that he wasn't jumping into things because it showed how much he cared about Rachel. It was important to Peter that he proposed to Rachel when he knew that she was the one, because he only wanted to propose to one person in his life.  Proposing to someone is so special to him and Rachel did not respect his beliefs.  

Sweet, thoughtful, normal, what's not to like right? 


On their last date, Peter told Rachel that he loved her (she said it back), but he was not ready to propose yet, but would be in the future. In this moment, Rachel basically told Peter that he was the one she was going to pick, if he proposed. He stood his ground, but Rachel said goodbye because she wanted a proposal. 

In the end, Rachel settled for Bryan because he was (SO) ready to propose. Like kinda a little too ready...

This season, the show did something a little different by having Rachel watch the last episode with Chris Harrison, as she elaborated about what was going on. Sounds nice right, but I didn't like how you could read her emotions about what was going on because the episode wasn't over yet and we still didn't know who won. 

After she said goodbye to Eric, he came on the show and talked to Rachel and then came on Peter. But, in that moment when Peter came on the show, I still wasn't fully convinced that it was over between the two of them. Their "goodbye" didn't seem like it was the end. I thought that Peter might think it through and decide that he couldn't live with out Rachel and propose to her to make her happy. Or that Rachel would realize that she couldn't live without Peter and that solidifying their relationship at the end of the show would be enough for her. But these thoughts her taken away from me when they brought Peter on the show to talk to Rachel, before the episode was over. 

My friends and I were so confused. We were convinced that Peter and Rachel would be together. We felt like this was a joke and that we were on an episode of Punked. 

I feel like I have been betrayed by Rachel and that I wasted my time watching this show all summer. I genuinely thought that Rachel was going to pick the right person and she didn't. Everything about Bryan seems wrong. I see their attraction to each other, but it is mainly physical. He kisses her so aggressively, that it's kinda disgusting to watch. He also is so cocky and arrogant, I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life with him. I give them a year, tops. It just isn't going to work out. 

I had eagerly been awaiting this night for weeks, but ended the night in the worst mood ever. I believed that Rachel was going to pick the right person because I thought she was a good person, but she ended up settling in the end because she just wanted to be proposed to.   

I had invested so much time and energy in Rachel's search for love and I feel betrayed by her. The world was convinced that she would make the right decision and I think she will come to regret it. 


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