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5 Tips to Kill Your Finals and Finish Your Semester Strong

5 Tips to Kill Your Finals and Finish Your Semester Strong

It's the end of April, the weather's getting warmer, and we all can't wait for summer. I personally can't wait to be sitting at the beach and to be soaking up the sun, but there is one thing that stands between me and the beach—well actually 5. It's finals season ladies and gents, and if you feel the same way I do, you can't wait for it to be over. By this point in the semester, I'm exhausted and the thought of taking 5 finals next week in unbearable. I am also sick of the view from my dorm room and in desperate need of a meal from Mom. But, with some patience, hard work, and these 5 tips, I will hopefully make it out of finals week alive!


1. Start Your Day With the Gym

Finals week can be nice because you can organize your day the way you want because you don't have classes. Some people might start their day with sleeping in, but it is a good idea to start your day with the gym instead. This is a great way to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead of you and also a great way to destress and get some energy out. Finals week can be so stressful, and I know sometimes when I'm stressed I just need to hit the gym and clear my head. It's also so important to set aside some time for yourself during finals!

2. Drink Water

This is so important! So many of my friends either hate drinking water or just forget to drink it! Drinking more water will increase your energy during finals week and will all around make you feel better. If you are the type of person that just flat out forgets to drink water, you need to get a cute tumbler to drink it out of (Kate Spade and Lilly Pulitzer ones are my favorite)! I keep mine on my desk in front of me and just because it is right in front of me, I drink it. Drinking water is also way healthier for you than drinking alternatives, like juice and soda. If you carry your tumbler everywhere with you like I do, you will resist the urge to hit the soda machine.

3. Snacks

Studying with snacks in 100x better than studying without snacks duh. Also you can reward yourself with your favorite study snack (mine's chocolate, I mean who's isn't?) and this will give you motivation to keep going. 

4. Use the Library to Your Advantage

I like to go to the library to get my work done, especially during finals week, because when I'm there I am in work mode. If I really need to get something done and I'm trying to do it while sitting on my bed or at my house it's just not going to get done, there are too many distractions. I will either end up mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or hanging out with friends and not getting anything done. The library is quiet and everyone who is there is in the same mindset as you. If you go to the library, tell yourself that you can't leave until you finish what you are doing. 

5. Use Your Planner

My planner is my life and I am not sure how I would get through a single day without it! With classes, being a part of a sorority, having a job, and blogging, my life is busy! My planner has a view of the whole month, where I put important due dates and events. I also color code all of my classes and use a different color for sorority events and work. Then it has a weekly/daily section where I can write out what I need to do every day/week. During finals I also take advantage of my planner's note section. At the end of every semester, I make a list of all of my last assignments and final exams to keep me organized. 

It feels so good to work really hard on an assignment, pass it in, and then be able to cross it off my list! And the best feeling will be crossing off my last final of the semester (May 9th, but I'm not counting the days or anything)! This is a great tip because it keeps you organized and motivated!

If you follow these tips, you will be sure to kill your finals! Good luck everyone!


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