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Feeling Like Cinderella at Neuschwanstien Castle

Feeling Like Cinderella at Neuschwanstien Castle

There just really isn’t a way to describe how traveling makes me feel. Nothing can compare to the happiness I get from exploring a new place I had always seen in magazines, on the Internet, or social media, but never knew if I would actually make it there.

This is the way I felt when I got to check off a huge bucket list destination for me, Neuschwanstien Castle in Schwangau, Germany.

Why did I want to go so badly? Just look at my pictures! I have a thing for castles and I think that this one may be the prettiest, most breathtaking castles I have ever seen (and I have seen a lot of castles). It is also supposedly the castle that Walt Disney modeled Cinderella’s castle after. I am a princess at heart, so when I heard this I packed my bags and headed off to Germany!

When Ludwig II became king, he commissioned to build a castle that was all for him. It is funny because there actually was already a castle ready for him to move into in the village, Hohenschwangau Castle (you can see it in my last two pictures), but he decided it was not good enough for him. He found the perfect place high up in the mountains to build his perfect castle.

Getting There

Visiting Neuschwanstein is the PERFECT day trip from Munich, Germany. I flew into Munich and spent some time there, but rented a car and drove under two hours to see this castle. I would recommend either renting a car because there is ample parking in the little village before you head up the mountain to the castle, or doing a coach bus tour! Both great options and I do not believe there is a train.

Planning Your Trip

Once you arrive and park, head to the ticket office to purchase your entry ticket. Here’s what I didn’t know: you actually don’t have to purchase a ticket to go inside the castle. There are some areas that you are allowed to go into for free. The ticket purchase is actually for a tour of the castle an Ludwig II’s quarters. So, visiting Neuschwanstein is a rather inexpensive trip, because I felt fulfilled even before doing the tour.

After you buy a ticket, you have a decision you have to make. Do you want to hike up, take the bus, or hire a horse drawn carriage. It is so nice that there are all of these options for all types of people! I opted to hike on up! I am so glad I did because the views were amazing, I could go at my own pace and stop and take pictures, and it is a rather light hike. I think most people can handle it.

How To Do It

Get there early. When I got there around 11 a.m. the only tour tickets left were for 1:30 p.m, so I really had to take my time. This ended up being nice, but if you are in a time crunch keep this in mind.

Must do: head to the Marien Brucke for the BEST pictures!! This is a bridge that over looks the castle in the best angle possible. This is where the first two pictures were taken. I have seen so many pictures from the Marien Brucke on Pinterest and I am so happy that I have my own now.

After hiking up the mountain, you may be a little hungry. The great thing is, there are actually a bunch of different restaurants nestled into the side of the mountain where you can stop for some lunch. Recharge and keep climbing.

If you head into the main entrance, you can explore a bit of the castle while waiting for your tour time. This is where the Nazis hid important statues and art during World War II. Take a moment to ponder where you are standing because there is so much history behind it. Once it is time for your tour, you can scan your ticket and your guide will show you the amazing, royal interior. I love the style and it reminding me a lot of Versailles in France.

After your tour, head back down the mountain while enjoying the scenery. Guys, it is breathtaking.

Enjoy the rest of your adventure!

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