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Maine Beer Trail

Maine Beer Trail

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This summer has been the best - working and living by the ocean, being with my best friends, and my first summer of being 21!  

I knew that being 21 with my best friends during the summer was going to be some fun, but I never thought that we would get ourselves into something like this!  

At the beginning of the summer, my best friend Ellie and I stumbled upon a brochure for the Maine Beer Trail! It is basically a brochure that lists many different breweries and brew pubs throughout Maine. Once you go to each one, you get a signature or a stamp from someone that works there. Once you get 10 signatures you mail it in and get a free hat and once you get 20 signature you get a free t-shirt! The Maine Beer Trail was such a fun way to explore Maine, while doing something fun with my friends!

The free t-shirt and hat kept my friends and I very motivated throughout the summer to try out new breweries. I’m so glad that we found out about this in the beginning of the summer because sometimes we resort to the same old same old during the summer. We always go to our favorite restaurant or our favorite bar right down town where we live in Kennebunkport. But the Maine Beer Trail got us to explore different areas of Maine and we found so many great places to go back to next summer!  

Even if you aren’t doing the Maine Beer Trail, keep reading because some of these places would be so fun to visit just while visiting Maine in general!  

Maine Beer Company, Freeport 

Is there a better combination than pizza and beer? The Maine Beer Company in Freeport, ME. knows the answer to that question is no! My friends and I went here after a day at the Freeport Outlets and loved it! We ordered our beers and a pizza to share at the front counter and the people who worked there couldn’t be nicer. The guy who poured my beer at the counter told me that I should photocopy my brochure so that I could get both a free hat and t-shirt (so smart). They have an outside pizza oven here and it made the most delicious pizza ever! They are the perfect size to eat all by yourself as a meal or to split with your friends! 


Bissell Brothers, Portland 

Okay I really liked it here. Bissell Brothers is located on Thompson Point in Portland. Because of this, you are supposed to pay for parking, which is kind of a downside. Some other people that went in around the same time as us said that they were going to sit outside and just watch to make sure their car was okay. We decided to do the same and everything ended up working out. Sitting outside is so nice and super fun on a sunny Maine day. They do not serve food here, but I noticed a lot of people ordering from a Mexican restaurant next door and bringing it over to Bissell Bros (definitely doing this next time). 

 Run of the Mill, Saco

This place was so good because not only did it have great beer, but it also had a full delicious menu. We all got flights here, which consisted of 7 beers that they chose for you. Didn’t love all of them, but isn’t that the fun of getting a flight? My favorite part of Run of the Mill wasn’t actually the beer, it was the food! Everything that my party got was AH-mazing. I got buffalo cauliflower tacos, which was a special. Run of the Mill, if you are reading this you have to put this special on the menu because it may have been the best thing I ate this summer! First of all, I love cauliflower and I love tacos. Second of all, I’ve been going through a buffalo anything kick this summer, so this seriously was the perfect dish for me. Oh, did I mention it came with French fries too? I apologize for the lack of a picture after I just ranted about how good it was, but I devoured it!  

Foundation, Portland

Foundation Brewing Company is located in the same park as the well known Allagash Brewing Company, as well as a bunch of others! Since there are so many breweries so close to each other, you can park and then walk to all of them. I did this with my friends and family on a rainy day during the summer and it was packed! If you do the same as me, be prepared for a lot of people and some lines. I went to Allagash on the same day and love it, but I chose to write about Foundation for one particular reason! I am a huge fan of fruity beers (not all people can say the same) and Foundation had a raspberry beer that I LOVED! First of all, it was hot pink. Second of all it almost tasted like some sort of mixed drink rather than a beer. I just really liked it! My favorite breweries during the Maine Beer Trail also had food and Foundation had a Mexican food cart outside. I got some tacos with the best pickled slaw (also pink!) and they just made my day!

Other Breweries I Visited This Summer:

  • Sebago Brewing Company, Kennebunk

  • Foulmouth Brewing Company, South Portland

  • Federal Jacks, Kennebunk

  • Hidden Cove Brewing Company, Wells

  • Shipyard Brewing Company, Eliot

  • Bunker Brewing Company, Portland

  • Allagash Brewing Company, Portland

  • Sea Dog Brewing Company, South Portland

  • Banded Horn Brewing Company, Biddeford

Have you visited any breweries near you? Leave me a comment below! Thank you for reading!

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