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A Guide to Camden Market

A Guide to Camden Market

People are always asking me what my favorite things to do in London are. It is always SO hard for me to answer this question because there is SO much to do in London and there are SO many fun things. How can I pick just one?

If I had to pick just one, Camden Market might just come out on top. It is one of the first places I visited when I first arrived in London and probably the place that I have gone back to the most.

I love the vibe and that every time I go I can try food from a different stand. I love food and I think that it is so much fun to try food from different cultures! Living in London has exposed me to so many different types of food that I would have never had the opportunity to try where I live at home. It is so cool because there is every type of food you can imagine and if you go with a group of friends everyone can find something that they like. Picky eater? Vegan? Adventurous eater? Camden has you covered! 

Camden Town is on the Northern line, but I have also walked there a few times from King's Cross (which basically has every line). The Camden Town station is just a short walk to the market, but sometimes on the way back it can be exit only (meaning you can only come into the station and not leave from it), but Mornington Crescent is just a short walk away too for the Northern line. Before getting to the market, there are lots of fun stores and stands that line the road from the station to the market! 

Once you arrive, your food options are limitless! Here are some things that I have devoured over the last couple of months! 

Fish & Chips

Ah, where my love affair with Camden Market began. I got fish and chips the first time I went to the market because I had not had them yet in London! Poppies is a fish and chips restaurant that has locations all over and they are a classic! Their chips (and for Americans like me, french fries) are thick cut and potatoy and are best off with a few splashes of malt vinegar and a generous shake of salt. Tip from me: their portions are huge, so I opted for the fish bites which was enough for me! Only get the regular serving if you are sharing or super hungry!   


Mac & Cheese 

The next time I went to Camden Market my family was in town! I was so excited to show them London and all of the places that I love in this city, so of course they were in for a trip to Camden. My dad and I decided to try some mac & cheese from The Mac Factory, and let me tell you, it was a great decision! You start with your mac & cheese base and then you can pick from the different varieties on the board to choose your fill ins. My dad stuck the the classic basic mac, but I added some yummy mushrooms to mine! Other varieties are caprese, taco mac, and have chorizo! 


Bubble Waffles

I have been seeing these all over Instagram and I had to get my hands on one! The stands will freshly make your waffle and then fill it with the yummiest toppings ever. Candy bars, fruit, Nutella, you name it! My dad and I split this one filled with berries, Nutella, and whipped cream and it was such a fun treat to have at the end of the day! 


I had never had an arepa until now! When I went with my family, my sister stood in the arepa line for so long because they are made with corn flour and are gluten free! She said that the wait was 100% worth it, so I knew that I needed to try one the next time I went back. The vegetarian one was SO good and I will be back for another! The little Venezuelan pocket was filled with plantains, black beans, cheese, salsa, and smashed avocado, yum! 


Mini Dutch Pancakes

Okay guys, I grew up on pancakes, but these are something else. They are made on a grill with tiny little wells where the mini pancakes cook. You then can pick different toppings to add to your pile of pancakes, my boyfriend and I chose Nutella and whipped cream! The mini pancakes are hot off the press, which warms the Nutella and your soul. These are a must try!! 

Halloumi Pita Wrap 

I had never heard of halloumi until coming to London! When I first started living here I saw it on menus everywhere advertised as a vegetarian option. Finally I figured out that it is basically a salty cheese and it is SO good! There are a lot of halloumi options at Camden Market, but I choose this halloumi wrap because it reminded me of a gyro. At home in Massachusetts, I grew up in an area where there were a lot of Greeks and a lot of Greek take out restaurants. When I was younger I loved getting gyros before I was a vegetarian. This wrap reminded me of those days, just meat free. Halloumi is one of my new favorite things and when you add some soft pita and creamy tzatziki sauce into the mix, how could you go wrong?


Vegan Burgers 

On my most recent trip to Camden I was with my vegan aunt, so of course we had to check out the vegan burger situation! We headed to V Burger, where they had a variety of burger options; I loved how they didn't just have your average black bean burger! My aunt got the mushroom burger, which I would normally get too. But today I was feeling a little adventurous, so I decided to get the seitan schnitzel burger! It was basically like having a breaded chicken cutlet and was delicious and was definitely different from what I usually order at restaurants. Oh, and we got sweet potato fries. Oh, and onion rings too lol! 


Convinced you have to visit Camden Market yet? Which one of these amazing foods do you want to try when you visit? Leave me a comment and tell me! Thanks for reading! 

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