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A Weekend in Amsterdam

A Weekend in Amsterdam

A weekend in Amsterdam? I couldn't think of anything better!

Amsterdam was my last trip of my study abroad, which is so sad but I definitely ended with a bang! So many people have been asking me which place that I have visited has been my favorite and it is so hard to choose. Each place that I have traveled to has been unique, different, and beautiful in their own ways. 

If I had to choose, Amsterdam would for sure be up there. There was something that was just mystical about walking the streets of this little Dutch city. Picture perfect canals at every turn, lined with well loved bikes and tulips popping out of window boxes. Come on. How could you not fall in love with Amsterdam?

My weekend in Amsterdam was one for the books! Here are some of the things that I loved doing while I was there! 

1. Wandering the Canals

An easy and relaxing task, since they are everywhere. Every canal is beautiful in their own way and it is so fun to watch all of the boats float by. This is a great way to see the city and to take lots of pictures to take home with you! Definitely do this during the day and the night too! During the day the sun hits the water and makes it sparkle and at night light from surrounding buildings lights up the canals! 

2. Visit Keukenof 

Visiting Keukenof, or the tulip gardens and fields outside of Amsterdam, was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! Keukenof is only a few weeks in April every year and if you are anywhere near Amsterdam during this time, you MUST go! There were tulips of every color as far as I could see and it was such a great kick off to spring! I have so many amazing photos from my time here and so much information to share, so I am writing a whole post about it soon! I will link it here once it is done! Here are a few pictures, with more to come soon! 

3. Go to the Heineken Experience 

I don't even like beer that much (see name of my blog title!), but the Heineken Experience made me a strong believer in Heineken! I had already gone to the Guinness Storehouse tour while I was in Ireland (read all about it here!), so I thought I knew what to expect. However, the Heineken Experience was exceptionally better and SO much more fun! There was so much to read and learn about (history, soccer, rugby, etc.), games to play and beer to drink! My friends and I took our time going through the experience and were so excited to get to the end where we got to hang out in "The Best Dam Bar". Fun music, enjoyable atmosphere, and great beers. 

4. Get a Stroopwaffle at Albert Cuyp Market

Whenever I go on a trip, I have to try the food that is famous from the place that I am visiting! Paella in Barcelona, waffles in Brussels, and now stroopwaffles in Amsterdam! Stroopwaffles are a thinner, crisper waffle. The waffle makers take two and sandwich them between some hot and delicious caramel. Different varieties have different toppings and I got mine with chocolate on the top! I had read that the Albert Cuyp Market was the place to get one and it definitely was! Get a stroopwaffles hot off the press and then browse through the market. 

5. Eat Some Dutch Pancakes 

This goes along with what I said before! I had to try Dutch pancakes while I was in Amsterdam and I was so glad I did. Dutch pancakes are different from American pancakes; thinner than an American pancake, but thicker than a crepe. They were different than any pancake I have had, but SO good! I had a tough time deciding what kind to get, but I ended up trying an apple and cheese pancake because I thought it was fun and different. This was such a yummy flavor combination, especially when I added maple syrup on top! 


From the lovely scenery to the amazing food, Amsterdam is a place that you have to travel to! I will be back for you someday Amsterdam :) 


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