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A Short & Very Sweet Trip to Brussels

A Short & Very Sweet Trip to Brussels

London is such a great home base in Europe not only because there is so much to do in the city, but also because there are so many places that you can get to so easily from London! I have had so much fun taking day trips from London (like to Dover read all about it here) and they are so easy with London's many buses and trains! 

One of the coolest trains in London is the Eurostar that crosses underneath the English Channel to get over to the other side of Europe. I first took the Eurostar to Paris and realized that it is such a great way of transportation. It is so much easier than going to the airport and you save so much time! After my trip to Paris I knew that I had to take it to one of it's other popular destinations, Brussels, Belgium!

Brussels may seem like a random choice to some people, but it was on my study abroad travel list mainly for one reason. I didn't know a lot about Belgium, but all I really wanted to do was go and eat waffles! I definitely accomplished this, and learned a lot more about Belgium and all that it has to offer! 

Here are some of my favorite things that I did in Brussels!

Eat Waffles!

This was the number one thing on my mental list, so it of course had to be the first thing that I talked about here too! There are so many little waffle stands throughout the city, so getting your hands on an authentic Belgian waffle is not a problem! I learned that authentic Belgian waffles are actually made with dough not batter, and you can really tell the difference. My first waffle in Brussels was actually a savory waffle for dinner! Mine had smoked salmon and cheese and my friends got ones filled with ham and cheese, so good! Later we got different dessert waffles with Nutella, whipped cream, or ice cream! 

Grand Palace

The Grand Palace creates a square in the middle of Brussels with a bunch of other beautiful old buildings. The architecture of the Grand Palace is so intricate and fun to look at. I would recommend going to the palace during the day and at night, so that you can see it all lit up! The square is always packed with people and it is a fun place to hang out. When my friends and I went back at night we got waffles (of course) and sat in the square!  

A Chocolate Story Museum 

I have really started to appreciate and love museums as I have gotten older, especially ones about chocolate! This museum talked about everything chocolate, from the history to all of the different types. My favorite part was the chocolate making demonstration. The man that conducted ours was so insightful and did it in both French and English, which was super impressive. Also, there are SAMPLES all throughout the museum, just saying. 

Have a Belgian beer 

I don't really like beer, but it is all for the experience! Belgian beers are famous all over the world, so when in Rome (or Brussels) right? My friends and I heard that Duvel beers were a famous Belgian beer, so we decided to try that one. It actually was pretty good! 


Waffles, chocolate, beer, what's not to like? Although my time in Brussels was short I definitely had such a fun time! Have you ever been? What do you think? Leave me a comment below and tell me!

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