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Five Things to do in Copenhagen

Five Things to do in Copenhagen

If you are headed to Europe, usually Copenhagen, Denmark is not on the top of many people's lists. Generally travelers can't wait to plan trips to Paris, Rome, and Greece, but I am here to tell you that Copenhagen should be on the top of your list. 

Copenhagen is the cutest little walkable city, full of some of the nicest people in Europe. Although I loved Paris (read all about my trip here), some of the people we came across were not the nicest. In Copenhagen I was greeted with open arms in every store and restaurant I went in.

I also did not have a mental "to do list" like I did in Paris, or when I have traveled to other cities. I definitely had my places that I wanted to see while I was there, but what I mean is that there was no pressure to see a bunch of major sites; you just see the places that were of your interest. Because of this, Copenhagen felt so relaxing. While walking around the city I often found myself just smiling and I now understand why Denmark is the happiest country in the world. 

Here are five things that I LOVED doing in Copenhagen: 

1. Nyhavn

Nyhavn, which translates to 'New Harbor', is picture perfect! When I was reading about Copenhagen before my trip, I knew that Nyhavn was something I had to see. The waterfront canal is dotted with colorful historic buildings and ships. I was able to take so many amazing photos here and just take in the scents of the salt water. I would recommend taking pictures, walking to the end of the canal to see the ocean, and then getting something to eat ⬇️

2. EAT (everything)

While I do not exactly know if I had any "traditional" Danish food, the food I did eat in Copenhagen was awesome! Just like any city it has a mix of everything. After I walked around Nyhavn, my friends and I stopped to get a waffle and ice cream (SO good). For breakfast on the following day, we went to a great little café with the prettiest lattes and tables to take pictures of them on! I also got the best yoghurt, granola, and fruit bowl and my friends devoured stacks of fluffy pancakes here. Tivoli Gardens ⬇️ also has a food hall, which we took full advantage of! No pictures from here because I was so hungry and couldn't wait to take a picture. Can anyone relate to this?!

3. Tivoli Gardens 

Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world and could not be cuter! It was decorated for winter when I was there and was just magical. My friends and I did not go on any rides, because we were having fun just walking around and having some snacks (hehe more food). We thought about ice skating in their amazing skating rink, but as soon as we did it started to pour!

4. Rosenborg Castle

I love castles. I hope to see many more during my study abroad travels, I just think that they are so cool! This castle was originally built as a summer residence, but ended up getting a lot more use. It is also a great example of Renaissance architecture and it was very interesting to walk the Rosenborg grounds. I always wonder what life was like back then!

5. Little Mermaid Statue

My grandpa said that I had to see the Little Mermaid statue while I was here, since the creator is from Denmark! This little statue is quite the hot commodity in Copenhagen! There were so many people crowded around it when I visited. 

I am having such an amazing time studying abroad and traveling throughout Europe! Where should I go next?

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