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My Weekend in Stockholm, Sweden!

My Weekend in Stockholm, Sweden!


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Sweden is a country that I would always look at on a map, but never thought that I would ever get the opportunity to travel to. 

This is why study abroad is so amazing. While I am living in Europe I am so excited that I get the opportunity to travel to so many different places, but when I am booking my trips I am trying to travel to places that I might not get the opportunity to go to ever again. There are so many countries in Europe that I really want to go to, so I would plan a trip to them from the USA. Theses places I am trying to save for later on in life. Right now I am focusing on places near the UK and unique countries, like Sweden that I would not have the opportunity to go to again. 

Just a quick note before I get into it, Scandinavia is SO MUCH more expensive than the USA or the UK. I thought that living in London was expensive, but it does not even compare to Sweden. I did not realize this before I went, so I just thought I would throw this in here in case you are thinking about traveling to Sweden!

Here is how my time in Sweden went!

My friends and I first traveled to Copenhagen and then took a train from Copenhagen Central Station to Stockholm. This experience was very interesting because when we boarded the (international) train no one checked our passports. It was honestly the easiest border crossing experience because once we crossed over into Sweden border patrol officers hopped on board and quickly checked my passport. Not a whole lot of questions asked. 

I would totally recommend taking a train to Stockholm if you have a chance because it was such a unique experience. We buzzed by so many adorable Swedish villages and I felt like I was in the movie Frozen. 

Once we got to Stockholm we focused on the important things:

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls were invented in Sweden, so we had to check out the local cuisine while we were here. Look how huge this cinnamon roll was! 


Gamla Stan

This little cafe/bakery was located in Gamla Stan, or the old town. I loved walking around the old town because there were so many cute shops and I just got to know Sweden. It was snowing and it just made me really happy. 


The Royal Palace 

When my friends and I were walking in Gamla Stan we just happened to stumble across the Royal Palace. This is why I love walking around new cities; you get to see so much more! Who new that Sweden had a royal family, not me. It was such a beautiful palace and we happened to see the changing of the guards too! I haven't even seen the changing of the guards yet in London!


Vasa Museum 

While my friends and I were cozied up in the cafe eating our cinnamon rolls, we met a man traveling from San Francisco. He had been in Stockholm for a few days and recommended that we go to the Vasa Museum. Upon his recommendation, we did! The Vasa was a ship that sunk in Stockholm Harbor in the 1600s and was recovered in the 1950s. The the museum the a model of the ship was rebuilt and they had different exhibits about ship building, the people on the ship, and what life was like in Sweden in the 1600s. Scientists were able to figure out different things about the remains they found, like if they were malnourished as a child, how old they were, and different health problems. I found this SO interesting and I loved wondering around the museum. It is free if you are under 18, I tried to pass for 18 (lol) and it did not work out for me, but it is definitely something that is worth the money! (The lighting in the museum was very dark, so my pictures did not come out very well from here)

Stockholm Harbor

We spent a big part of our day walking around Stockholm and just taking in the city. Stockholm is made up of a bunch of tiny islands that are connected by bridges. Because of this, as you walk around the city, you get to see so much of the harbor! Water makes me so happy, so I loved walking along it. 

Traveling to Stockholm was such a special experience and I am so glad that I did it! This trip definitely spiked my interest in the rest of Scandinavia. I said at first Sweden was not a place I would plan a trip to from the USA, but who knows now, I might have to check out the rest of Scandinavia and explore more of Sweden! 

Thanks for reading! 

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