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I'm Aliza, a fashionista, travelista, and lover of anything pink! I am a born and bread New Englander; my home base is in Massachusetts, I summer in Maine, and I just graduated college in Rhode Island. My life (and style!) changed forever when this NE gal took on England in 2018. I loved exploring my London home and every weekend brought a new European adventure. Ever since I’ve been chronically ill with the travel bug and my fashion sense got an urban spin. I just graduated college and I am following my dream by pursuing a career in fashion! Follow my blog to watch me navigate post grad life, see what I am wearing, where I am off to next! 

21 Reasons Why Studying Abroad in London Changed My Life

21 Reasons Why Studying Abroad in London Changed My Life

Throughout my whole life, travel has always been something that is important to me. My parents started me young, taking me out of the country when I was 2 to Austria. Once I was a little older (5th grade) I traveled out of the country to with my family and then my grandma, a former travel agent. It was during these trips that I was exposed to different cultures, foods, architecture and I couldn’t get enough. I wanted to keep traveling and experiencing.

As I kept traveling, I wanted more and once I got into college I heard about something called study abroad. I look at other girls’ pictures in my sorority from when they studied abroad. I wondered if they even studied and realized that even though you were based in just one city, that this could be my opportunity to travel the world.

When I was a sophomore, I sealed my fate. I got a sublease for my college house, so I had to go. There was no backing out, I had no where to live! This was the best decision I ever made because I was so nervous to study abroad and if I didn’t have anywhere to live, I probably would have convinced myself not to go.

Studying abroad was the best decision I have ever made and it truly changed my life. I cannot describe to you have nervous I was to go. I was moving to a foreign country, where I knew no one and was so far away from home. When I went to college, I knew a few people and if I got homesick I always had the comfort that I could go home for the weekend. There was none of that when I lived in London; I was on another continent.

The first day was really scary. I thought that I had made a mistake and everything was so new and foreign to me. But, after that first day I was fine. And still to this day I can’t believe how fine I was. I didn’t get homesick, I never cried, I was so happy. I loved living in London, studying abroad, and traveling the world. It truly changed my life and here’s why:

1. Got to be whoever I wanted to be, myself

2. Learned so much about myself

3. Gained so much confidence

4. Know that I can do anything if I set my mind to it

5. Learned to leap outside of my comfort zone

6. Learned to take a deep breath

7. Got to try so many new and delicious foods

8. Learned to deal with all different types of people

9. Gained street smarts

10. Got to travel to countries and places I never thought that I would be able to go to

11. Made friends from places I never thought I would have friends from

12. Made some of the most authentic, fun, and genuine friends

13. Gained the confidence to travel more after study abroad, even if it’s by myself

14. Felt what pure happiness feels like

15. Learned how to say yes more and no less

16. Learned how to travel to the most places with the least money

17. Learned to always be observant in every situation

18. Learned to be more present and thankful

19. Gained a better idea about what I want to do with my life

20. Became so much more thankful for my friends, family & support system

21. Got to spend 4 months in the most amazing city on this Earth and found my second home

Studying abroad changed my life and even this list doesn’t do it justice. There are things that study abroad and London did for me and made me feel that is just indescribable, but I tried my best to put words on paper. I can’t wait for my next big adventure because studying abroad made me realize that I can do it. I also can’t wait to go back to London someday and visit where I used to live and all of my favorite spots. Thank you so much for reading this post, it means so much to me!

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