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A Vegan Tour of NYC

A Vegan Tour of NYC


From growing up in a part Italian family, I learned at a young age that food=love. Holidays, especially Christmas Eve, showcased just that. We would gather around my dining room table and eat pasta frutti de mare followed by a buffet of Italian desserts. But, when my Aunt Sandra became a vegan I slightly questioned the food she was making in the food=love equation. I didn't get veganism and I sure didn't get her gritty cashew "cheescake"... From then on, I convinced myself that vegan food did not taste good. 

After I graduated high school in June of 2015, I became more opened minded and started a new chapter in my life by becoming vegetarian. I was more open to different ways of eating. 

This year when I visited Sandra's stomping grounds of NYC, I was convinced that vegan food does in fact taste good. She took me all around NYC to show me all of her favorite vegan eats. After eating almost completely vegan for a long weekend, I definitely didn't miss my normal munchies.  

by Chloe — Flatiron District

Our first stop on my vegan food tour (and the one I was most excited about) was by Chloe. I had high expectations, basically from seeing pictures all over my Instagram, and they were exceeded. As a vegetarian, the only foods I miss sometimes are chicken parm and meatballs, so I cannot tell you how excited I was when I saw they had a meatball sub on the menu. I was shocked that it tasted like the real thing. It was also covered in peppers (those that know me best know that I HATE peppers) and I ate them all, they were so good! Needless to say, my sub was gone in a matter of minutes. I paired it with regular fries (they also have sweet potato ones). The fries were great, but the beet ketchup was even better. Sounds weird, but it's purple so you'll want to try it. Check them out at http://eatbychloe.com/

Double Zero —  East Village

The next stop was at Double Zero for pizza. Sandra had never been here before and was dying to go. The founder, Matthew Kenney, grew up in Maine (where we spend every summer), so we had to try his food and support a fellow Mainer. Again, I was surprised how much my vegan pizza tasted like real pizza. I was still scared from when she made that cashew "cheesecake" a couple years ago, so I was nervous when I read online that they used cashew cheese. I was pleasantly surprised that this cheese actually tasted like cheese. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to eat it when it came to the table (as you can see from the bite I took before taking this picture :)). Check out their Instagram: @doublezeronyc

Dun-Well Doughnuts Brooklyn 

After bopping around the Brooklyn Flea, we definitely worked up an appetite and had to stop at Dun-Well for a snackie. I love doughnuts, let me tell you. Their Instagram claims they are the best doughnuts in NYC and I wouldn't argue with that. Between the two of us, we got 4 doughnuts hehe. Our favorite was the peanut butter and jelly (I don't even have a picture of it because we ate it so fast). This doughnut was so good, I forgot it was vegan and that's when you know it is good. Check them out on Instagram: @dunwelldoughnuts

After my vegan food tour around NYC, I can see why people go vegan. You can still eat delicious foods, without harming animals or your body. 

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