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I'm Aliza, a fashionista, travelista, and lover of anything pink! I am a born and bread New Englander; my home base is in Massachusetts, I summer in Maine, and I just graduated college in Rhode Island. My life (and style!) changed forever when this NE gal took on England in 2018. I loved exploring my London home and every weekend brought a new European adventure. Ever since I’ve been chronically ill with the travel bug and my fashion sense got an urban spin. I just graduated college and I am following my dream by pursuing a career in fashion! Follow my blog to watch me navigate post grad life, see what I am wearing, where I am off to next! 

The Perfect Paper Bag Pants

The Perfect Paper Bag Pants

At first glance, it looks like I am wearing just a pair of super cute pants. But there is so much more than meets the eye. Keep reading if you want to find out why!

GUYS!! It’s officially spring and I am so excited to share my first spring outfit of the season with you all. There are a lot of really fun and crazy things that are happening this spring. First off, I am graduating from college and I seriously can’t believe it! These last four years have gone by so fast, but I can’t wait to walk across that stage and grab my diploma because it will make all of those long nights studying for chemistry worth it.

Second, I am going back to Europe! If you have been following me for a little bit, you know that ever since I studied abroad I have been absolutely obsessed with traveling. It is my goal to travel the world and this May I am getting a little closer. After I graduate, I am going on a very exciting trip to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic!! I am so excited because when I was studying abroad I was in London, so I mostly stuck to western Europe because it was closer and cheaper to travel to. I can’t wait to venture over to Central Europe.

I think this trip is really going to pop up fast and is about two months away. The end of my semester is going to be super busy with senior festivities, so I am trying to plan ahead for my trip and get little things done.

Packing to study abroad and live in a foreign country for four months was for sure a challenge! I wasn’t able to bring a lot of clothes with me and this resulted in lots of outfit repeating (“Aliza, you’re an outfit repeater!” comment below if you know what movie I am referencing hehe). When I packed for weekend trips, I packed in my backpack which meant I had to get creative.

This time around, I am going for ten days and only taking a carry on and a backpack. Honestly, a breeze because study abroad made me a packing pro! But I will still have to be a smart packer and take pieces that can be worn many ways. Since I am trying to get prepared for my trip now, I am keeping my eye open for travel perfect pieces. Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the perfect pair of travel pants and I couldn’t be more excited! Let me tell you about the Skyline Pants from Athleta.

Athleta social media posted a picture of the pants that I am wearing in these pictures, accompanied by an article called “The Pants That Got Me 3 Days of an Active Vacation Without My Luggage”. After reading the title of article, I knew I had to keep reading. Basically, the author wears these pants on the plane from the U.S to New Zealand (which is long!!) and then once she gets there her luggage is lost, so she has to wear these pants for a few days. The pants are super comfortable and take her from walking around the streets of New Zealand, hiking mountains, and out to dinner.

Sign me up.

I knew I needed these pants because not only would they be perfect for my trip, but just my life in general. First off, they are a super breathable material, perfect for traveling and exploring new cities. They also don’t wrinkle and who likes to iron, especially when you are on vacation? It is also a plus that they pack up to be super small and barely take up any room in your suitcase. Sold yet? They really are an all season pant and I can picture so many outfits in my head because they are so versatile. As you all know, I am a super girly girl so the paper bag waistline complete with ruffles and a bow just called my name!

They also come in a few different colors. I chose black because I just love back, but was super close to going with the army green ones (they call it “Arbor Olive”!

On this day, I chose to pair my Skyline Pants with this white and black striped shirt that I got from the Gap Factory Outlet a few years back (similar one linked here!). I definitely recommend purchasing staples, like this shirt, from factory stores because you can get such good deals! I think this creates such a cute and casual look! I can’t wait to pair these pants with bodysuits, graphic t’s, and frilly blouses.

I pictured myself wearing them with sneakers like I did here (my new Adidas from TJ Maxx that I love). But the shoe options for these pants does not end here. When the weather is on the cooler side, booties would be the perfect fit. Once it gets a little warmer, sandals and wedges couldn’t be cuter!

Can you tell how excited I am about these pants? I can’t wait to wear them around Europe in just a few months! Until then, catch me wearing them around campus and Rhode Island :)

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