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Reporting for Duty

Reporting for Duty

I’m still the girl that’s always dressed up, but lately I’ve really been loving me some athleisure. Since I went to college, I took an interest in taking care of my myself and leading a healthy lifestyle. Maybe it was that free college gym membership, or maybe it was becoming a vegetarian, but everything started to click for me.

My love for fashion still carries on into what I wear to and from the gym, so I always need cute athletic clothes to wear to my workouts! One of my most favorite places to shop for said cute athletic clothes is Athleta and that is where the bulk of this outfit is from!

I have actually been working at Athleta over my college break and I’m loving it! It’s such a positive place to work: everyone is happy and excited to be there and we all have a passion for being active. When my coworkers talk about their favorite activities, it inspires me to try something new. One of my coworkers loves barre and I really want to try a class soon!

I’ve gotten to know all of the products and learned what I need to wear for a specific workout. Athleta makes clothes for specific activities and the outfit I’m wearing is perfect for heading back to the gym when I get back to URI (for my last semester OMG) in just a few days!

Let’s get into the outfit:


These guys are the star of the show! If you told me a year or so ago that my favorite pair of leggings would be in camo print I definitely would not have believed you! Camo is the trendy new print and I am about it! What really got me to try them is that Athleta created a neutral camo print (and we all know I’m about neutrals). Since it’s a neutral print, I can wear them with literally any solid print top and it makes matching and creating an outfit a breeze. A neutral camo print is perfect for people, like me, who are dipping their toes into the camo trend!

My camo leggings are the ‘Contender’ style. Contenders are my new favorite Athleta legging! Before, I had actually only tried the yoga ones, like the Salutation and Elation. Even though I still love those leggings, they really should stay in the yoga studio (other low intensity workouts too). The Contender is specifically made for high intensity workouts, which is exactly what I need for hitting the gym and my beloved runs along Scarborough Beach back at school.

The Contender is made of a more substantial, sleek material that does not pill easily like other leggings. It also has two side pockets that zip to close. I like this because when they are zippered shut you can’t even tell they are there, but when you zip them open they are super roomy and you can fit so much. Since I have been wearing leggings more recently, I realized how annoying it is when they don’t have pockets. Where am I supposed to put my phone? Chapstick? Seriously.

If you’re looking for a new pair of leggings, you need these ones because to me, they are perfect. High waisted, 7/8 length, pockets, and a cute print: what more can you ask for?

Athleta just came out with a bunch of new Contenders in fun prints and colors. Here are some more that I love:


This is not your average hoodie, ladies. The details and the thought that designers put into it makes it special. First of all, it is SO comfy and cozy!! The Cozy Karma material is the softest ever and I’m here for it. I feel like other hoodies you can get lost in and look oversized and unflattering.

On the contrary, the seams and slits on my Cozy Karma Longer Hoodie flatters your body. There is one seem at your natural waist that brings the eye in. There are also slits on both sides, so that you don’t get lost. I also love the central pocket that keeps my hands super warm and cozy. Catch me throwing this hoodie over all of my workout outfits all winter long!

Did I mention that it comes in three different super cute colors and is ON SALE!


I had asked for new sneakers for Christmas because I have been running so much more. My mom picked me up these ones and I love them!

This is going to sound funny, but the number one reason why I love them is because I don’t have to tie them! I just have to pull the strings tight and they stay tight with a little bead. I then clip it to the stop of the shoe, so that the string doesn’t flop around when I’m running. Seriously, not having to tie your shoes is a game charger. It saves me that extra step when I’m running late to a class and I need to dash out the door. I also love that they match perfectly with my Camo Contenders and will go great with any workout outfit!

What are some of your favorite workouts and outfits to go along with them? Tell me in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

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