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Pearl Barrettes - Love it or Hate it?

Pearl Barrettes - Love it or Hate it?

From Pinterest, to Instagram, to the streets of Boston — I have seen huge pearl barrettes everywhere.

The more and more and more I saw them, the more I felt like I had to give them a try.

It definitely takes me some time to warm up to very trendy trends, if you will. You know, the ones you see and think: that’s so different. And maybe in the back of your mind that it might be the new crocs or hammer pants in a couple of years…

I know that big pearl barrettes are the type of fad that will be in and out. But for the time being, I’m here for it. If it is a fun and girly trend, count me in!

I did a poll on my Insta stories a couple of days ago to see if you guys loved or hated pearl barrettes and it seemed that it was a toss up. But this article is for the people who love it and to convince the people who hate it :)

But then I saw more and more and they started to grow on me. There is a little sense of chic that they give me. And then last week they were everywhere I turned. First I saw this Instagram post from J.Crew and then I walked around in a couple of stores (I love window shopping for this reason!) and they were everywhere I turned. Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, you name it!

As I window shopped, I thought: Okay I need to try this.

I’m such a big shopper when it comes to fashion. I always want to be wearing the cutest clothes and wear the latest trends (my weakness and the downfall to my bank account). But I do have this oddly sensible part of me that won’t spend a lot of money on something super trendy. I like to invest in pieces I know I can wear season after season, year after year. Trends are the place when you can plan to save some money.

I knew I could purchase huge pearl barrettes at stores like J.Crew, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters, but I was NOT paying those prices!

I combed the web to see where I could get this look for less. My homegirl Amazon came through, like she usually does.

I got this pack on Amazon for around $8 and I received a ton of barrettes to play around with! It was complete with not only huge pearl barrettes, but small ones, tortoise shell, and multi colored ones too! So many ways to do my hair for only $8.

With trendy pieces like this, I think that it is best practice to use expensive stores for styles inspiration and purchase from someplace less expensive.

I’m not huge into doing my hair and using hair accessories, so adding a pearl barrette really spices up my life. I love the pop it adds to any outfit, whether it is a simple one or totally out there. They can go with anything.

Today, I styled mine with a cozy fall sweater and I loved the visual interest it added. I plan on pinning them in my hair with ruffled blouses and flowy dresses!

It is so easy to just pop them in your hair. Here are some ideas!

  • Pin your hair behind your ears for an Old Hollywood Glam look

  • With a side part, whisk a piece of hair from the bigger part and pin it out of your face

  • Clip it into your ponytail

  • Use them to slick back your hair in a cute little bun

  • Use multiple barrettes to create a bold look (the Amazon pack is perfect for this)

Which one will you be trying?

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