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Hoop To It

Hoop To It


Never thought I’d be a hoop earring girl, but here I am. I would see them on people and think “Hmm I don’t see these looking good on me.” But a couple of months ago, I became obsessed.

Don’t you just love getting gifts from people? I know that I do because usually they are something that you wouldn’t necessarily pick out yourself. That is the beauty of gifts. Someone saw something, thought of you, and knew you would like something before you knew you did. This is how I got hooked on hoops!

Back in November, my mom got me my first pair of hoop earrings and I was not sure what to think about them. I remember really wanting to wear them when I was little and just got my ears pierced and my mom told me no. They were trendy back then and I think that they have definitely made a comeback! I started to pair them with different outfits and my hair both up and down until I not only felt comfortable in them, but fell in love with them. At first, I didn’t think I could pull them off, but now I find myself incorporating them into my outfits daily.

Most recently, I have been pairing hoops with every outfit. They are the best addition! They add a little bit of edge and fun to whatever I’m wearing. Lately, I have been loving the way that they look with a cozy sweater for a cute little winter look.

Here are some of my favorites from my growing hoop collection:

Basic, Every Day


Not too big, not too small, just right. These babies were my first pair of hoops that started the addiction! They are simple, light weight and look super cute with anything that you are wearing. I feel like for a long time I have had a go to pair of stud earrings (usually gold balls or faux diamond studs), that if I was going away I would always pack and knew that they would go with all of my outfits. Instead, now I find myself always packing these. I love the way that they look with my hair up or down and with fancy or casual outfits. Every girl needs a pair of earrings like these in her jewelry box! You’'ll thank me later.

Pearl Hoops


I love these because they have all of the comfort of wearing a stud, with the fun and whimsy of a hoop! These little baby hoops look like a pearl is defying gravity and is stuck right in the middle. These are also great for everyday because they are small and add a little bit of spice to an outfit. I find myself gravitating towards these earrings and whenever I wear them I get so many compliments! Unfortunately, these were part of a gift set from J.Crew Factory that is now sold out, but I am linking a similar pair here.

The Bigger the Better


These ones are so fun and probably the biggest ones that I own! Once I got used to wearing hoops, I was still a little nervous about wearing some of this size. But, surprisingly they are nice and light. I wear these when I want to add drama to my outfit. I always make these earrings the focal point of whatever I am wearing. I love the stones and for some reason I can’t wait to wear them during the summer!

Mixin’ Metals


I love mixing metals, patterns, and all types of things that society used to say that we should not pair together. These earrings are perfect for me! They are interesting and I always see people’s eyes wandering to look at them. I usually pair them with a simple outfit, so that they can stand out. Recently, I have been pairing them a lot with gray sweaters because I love how the silver and gray look together! They have been all over my Instagram, so check it out if you want to see how I style them!

Chunky Gold


Your everyday hoop, with a twist. These make a little bit more of a statement than my average, everyday hoops. I think that they are so cool because they have a gold ball piece that you put in like a stud and then there is a small chain that attaches to the hoop. I wear these all of the time, but I especially love wearing them when I am having a bad hair day and I need to throw it up in a pony tail. No matter how bad my hair looks, everyone’s eyes turn to my cool earrings and they take the focus off of my not so great looking!

What do you think? Are you into hoops like me? Leave me a comment to tell me where some of your favorites are from!

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