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I'm Aliza, a fashionista, travelista, and lover of anything pink! I am a born and bread New Englander; my home base is in Massachusetts, I summer in Maine, and I just graduated college in Rhode Island. My life (and style!) changed forever when this NE gal took on England in 2018. I loved exploring my London home and every weekend brought a new European adventure. Ever since I’ve been chronically ill with the travel bug and my fashion sense got an urban spin. I just graduated college and I am following my dream by pursuing a career in fashion! Follow my blog to watch me navigate post grad life, see what I am wearing, where I am off to next! 

Snakeskin Shoes Baby Put Them on Your Feet

Snakeskin Shoes Baby Put Them on Your Feet

Oh hey, its been a while! Being a college senior has sure made me busy, but I am so excited to be posting right now! I have so many things to catch you all up on! Since I last left you, I have so many fashion pieces that I’ve been obsessing over and I have to share them with you. I thought I’d start off with my favorite new thing: my snakeskin booties!!

I have been eyeing these babies online since the fall. I knew I needed them and I knew they needed me. I love wearing neutral outfits, but adding a fun pop with a cool accessory (I talked about it in this post). When I first saw them online, I knew that they would make any simple outfit a stand out outfit.

I ended up getting these for Christmas and I’ve been wearing them like crazy ever since! Here is the direct link to them, but unfortunately they are about to sell out (apparently I’m not the only one that loves them!). Linking similar ones I love here and here !

I’ve been wearing my snakeskin booties the most with black jeans and a sweater, since its been so cold at home here in Massachusetts. I’m so excited to go back to college soon and create a bunch of funky outfits. I’m talking distressed high waisted flared jeans, a tube top, and my beloved western belt. Once it starts to get a little warmer you’ll be seeing me wearing them with my black denim mini skirt or even my faux leather one! I seriously can’t wait! These booties have been the star of the show in every outfit I pair them with. By far, this outfit has been my favorite and the one I have worn the most!

Let’s Break it Down:

Faux Fur Coat

I think it’s funny that I bought this little guy in the middle of a heat wave in August. I love faux fur anything and my mom and my grandma have both taught me that if you see something that you really like, you should get it and save it for later. Even if it means saving it for about five months until you can wear it. I am so glad that I bought it when I saw it because it is such an affordable coat and adds a little boujee to anything you wear. It makes me feel so warm and cozy, but I know that I look put together and elegant on the outside.


I feel like this is kind of random/weird, but I have been looking for a white turtleneck sweater forever. It’s the perfect ‘goes with anything’ basic to have in your closet. For some reason, I have not been able to find the perfect one. Until now! I love have cozy this one is and the different knits is a cute little touch. Definitely check this one out and it comes in a bunch of colors and patterns! Catch me wearing it all winter long!

Black Jeans

Another piece that every girl needs in her wardrobe! I wear mine all of the time because they are perfect for any occasion. I wore my black jeans to my internship last semester and dressed them up with nice blouses and heels, but you can also dress them down for everyday. Black jeans also go well with alllll of the shoes: sneakers, booties, thigh highs, you name it. If you are updating your wardrobe, you need these black jeans and you’ll thank me later.


I bought this Longchamp tote when I was in Paris about a year ago (read about my trip here). Large Longchamp totes are the perfect bag for college women. Why? There are some days when I am really on the go in college, so I need a bag that I can fit my life in. On some days I can fit my laptop, a notebook, my planner, makeup bag, pens and highlighters, my running sneakers, water bottle and so much more. This bag can take me from class, to studying, to the gym and anywhere in between. On days that I am not on campus for class, like today in these pictures, it fits my everyday bopping around essentials.

Thanks for reading all about my favorite snakeskin booties and my outfit to go long with them!

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