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How to Get Statement Earrings for Less

How to Get Statement Earrings for Less

I've never been a big accessories girl - sometimes you put together a bomb outfit and accessorizing is just asking for way too much! 

I got my ears pierced back in kindergarten and then couldn't wait to get my second holes pierced when I was in high school. But ever since, I really can't be bothered to put an earring in my second hole, let alone the first one. I'm pretty sure my second hole has closed up because I can't even tell you the last time I had an earring in it! 

This summer, something has changed in my mind with accessories. One time while shopping at one of my favorite stores, Nordstrom Rack, I bought a super fun pair of statement earrings. Once I brought them home, I loved how I could wear a super simple outfit and my fun earrings would be the star of the show! Statement earrings can make jeans and a t-shirt look amazing!!

Ever since then, I have been on the hunt for outfit making statement earrings. During my hunt I realized how pricy big earrings can be! I can't always justify this. Why spend $30 plus on a pair of earrings when that can buy you a new top, dress, or basically something bigger that you could wear more often!?

I decided that I had to find all of the best ways to get the earrings that I love, but for less money. 

Here are some of my favorite statement earrings and places to buy them for under $20! 

Nordstrom Rack

I have always loved earrings (and jewelry in general) from Bauble Bar, but it can be expensive! Like I have said before, since I am not really into accessories I can't justify spending a lot of money on them. BUT, Nordstrom Rack came in clutch and carries some amazing Bauble Bar earrings at a discounted price!! I got these super cute white ones that dress up any outfit and they have so many other great ones to choose from. (I included one pair that was $21 because they were too cute not to)

Outfit details: top | skirt | earrings


PSA: Bauble Bar has a sister and less expensive brand at Target!! The Sugarfix by Bauble Bar earrings look exactly like regular Bauble Bar earrings, but are so much cheaper!! I think my heart skipped a beat when I saw all of the cute and colorful statement earrings at Target! I had also been on the hunt for a pair of red ones because I love the idea of wearing a black and white outfit with a pop of red! I found these perfect ones at Target for ONLY $12.99!! I swear after I bought them I wore a different combination of a black and white outfit with the red earrings for like a week straight! I just love them :) 

Outfit details: top | shorts | earrings | sandals

Make Them Yourself

Last summer I made this DIY tutorial on how you can make your own tassel earrings at home for under $10! With that $10 you can make a bunch of tassel earrings for yourself or you and your friends. I still wear mine all the time a year later and they are so simple to make. 

Outfit Details: top | shorts | bag | sandals

What do you think? Where are some of your favorite places to buy statement earrings? Leave me a comment below and tell me! 

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