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I'm Aliza, a fashionista, travelista, and lover of anything pink! I am a born and bread New Englander; my home base is in Massachusetts, I summer in Maine, and I just graduated college in Rhode Island. My life (and style!) changed forever when this NE gal took on England in 2018. I loved exploring my London home and every weekend brought a new European adventure. Ever since I’ve been chronically ill with the travel bug and my fashion sense got an urban spin. I just graduated college and I am following my dream by pursuing a career in fashion! Follow my blog to watch me navigate post grad life, see what I am wearing, where I am off to next! 

Traveling Fashionista Essentials

Traveling Fashionista Essentials

Wow it's been a while since I made a fashion post!

Since I have moved to London for the spring semester, my clothing situation has been a little limited. I was only able to take one 50 pound suitcase, a carry on suitcase, and a backpack. Before my adventure started, this terrified me. No way was this fashionista going to be able to do this. 

The old Aliza was the type of girl to bring four pairs of shoes on a five day trip. But the new Aliza can pack one 50 pound suitcase (strategically) for four months! Who would have thought? Not me! The key was creating a capsule wardrobe of similar colors and to only bring the pieces that I would get the most wear out of. 

I definitely miss some of my fun pieces, like my beloved faux fur vest from this post, but I am proud of myself for my smart packing!

The contents of my 50 pound suitcase has also had to dress me for all sorts of travels! Through all of my travels and my day to day adventures in London, I had found my 5 travel savvy fashion essentials! If you are a fashionista travelista like me and are heading out on an adventure soon, keep reading because a few of these pieces have saved my life!  

1. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Crossbody

I really can't talk highly enough about this purse. It adds instant edge to any outfit with its fringe and edgy hardware and holds just the essentials. At home I usually just hang it off my shoulder, but while I am traveling throughout Europe I always wear it as a crossbody for extra safety. It holds my cardholder, passport, sunglasses, chargers, plug adapters, portable charger, lotion, hand sanitizer, and all of the assorted lip products I usually have floating around (okay and maybe a snack too)! It is the perfect small size that will not weigh you down while you are site seeing! This bag can be seen in 90% of my pictures and my mom is constantly telling me I need to switch it up, so when I get back to the states I am going to look into getting another one in a different color. 

2. Rain Booties

I am not kidding when I tell you that these have saved my life. The tall rain boots that I usually wear at home took up half my suitcase so I bought these booties basically the day before I left and I am so glad that I did! I really like them because you can wear them as regular black booties day to day, which is perfect because it rains so frequently in London. Usually the weather says that it's not going to rain, but it usually does at some point during the day, so I am prepared. I also wore these hiking through the Scottish Highlands! I did not realize that we were hiking when I booked the trip, so I was so glad that I had these booties. At home I would have worn Bean Boots or something else more legit, but since I am studying abroad (one suitcase remember!) I was not working with a lot of options! 

3. Lightweight Down Winter Coat

A lightweight down winter coat is the perfect travel item! I have seen so many people try and stuff their bulky winter parkas into a suitcase, and let me tell you, with not a lot of success. When I began my study abroad journey I was able to pack away my winter coat because I can fit mine into a little bag (around the size of a half gallon of milk)! It will also be nice for when I travel home in May because I will be able to pack it away and I am sure some people will have to (with much regret) wear them on the plane. This coat has also been great for all of the colder places that I have visited, like Copenhagen, Stockholm, Scotland, and just London on chilly days. Qniqlo makes great ones and they have the long coats like mine, shorter ones, and vests

4. Neutral Colored Blanket Scarf

It is funny because I bought this scarf (J. Crew has great ones) during the summer because it was on sale. I thought to myself that it was kind of silly that I was buying a winter scarf in the summer, but I just knew that I would wear it (and I was so right)! I love this blanket scarf because it can be worn so many different ways! It is also great because since it is so big you can wrap it a bunch of times around your neck to keep your face and neck super warm, or you can wear it as a shawl. This scarf has come with me on all of my trips so far because it is so versatile and can even be used as a blanket on the plane or in the hotel! If you are headed out on an adventure I would definitely recommend buying a blanket scarf in a neutral color, so it will match with every outfit!  

5. Floppy Hat

I haven't always been a hat person, but lately I just find myself turning to them. This floppy back hat has been my go to and I have also been loving berets, and cabbie hats too! I am so glad that I was able to shove this one (literally) into my suitcase. It gives any boring outfit a little something something, which is needed when you only have one suitcase full of clothes for four months in Europe. A strong line up of accessories is something that I would recommend if you are studying abroad or just lightly packing for a trip. Accessories can really spice up an outfit and can instantly change a look. Pack your accessories wisely before your trip! 

So those are my fashionista travel must haves! What are yours? I would love to know in the comments down below! Thank you for reading :)

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