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I'm Aliza, a fashionista, adventurista, and lover of anything pink! My site is a place where I share outfits I love, places I am traveling, and what's going on in my life. I am a born and bread New Englander, but currently this NE gal is taking on England! Everyday I get to explore my London neighborhood and every weekend brings on a new European adventure. Follow my blog to see what I am wearing and where I am off to next! 

It's All About the Accessories

It's All About the Accessories

It’s fall y’all - and I couldn’t be more excited. My favorite season is summer, but my favorite season for fashion is for sure fall. Fall fashion just makes me so happy! I love wearing super cozy sweaters, over the knee boots with dresses, and fun felt hats! I also love that you don’t have to wear a heavy coat yet. During winter in New England it is SO cold all of the time that you basically have to wear a long down coat in order to survive and they aren’t always the cutest.

I took a trip home to Massachusetts for the long Columbus Day weekend and it made me so stinkin’ happy to see all of the leaves changing up there. I don’t know what the science is behind it, but the leaves haven’t really changed yet here in Rhode Island where I go to college. I loved driving down the winding country roads while checking out off of the new autumnal colors!

Being home this weekend was probably the first time where I wore a sweater and I wasn’t sweating my booty off. A few times I wore I sweater to class and it would be cold when I left my house and then super hot by the end of the day (if you’re a college student that lives off campus you know the struggle). It is my favorite type of weather when you can just wear a fuzzy soft sweater and be comfortable.

This outfit is perfect for that type of weather when you first start to feel the fall chill. Honestly, this outfit is fairly simple, but what makes it special is all in the accessories. But first the foundation for this outfit was my cozy gray sweater and some black ripped jeans.

Lets start off with my belt. I’ve never been a very big belt gal, but I’m all about the western belt trend. I got this one just recently and I have found myself incorporating it into every outfit (and getting so many compliments!!). I love tucking in my tops to show it off because it adds a little bit of edge! I think it looks the best with my black ripped jeans or a black denim skirt! This type of belt can really spice up a simple outfit.

Okay, now lets talk about these sunnies (and they are 50% off!!). I know that they are probably not everyone’s cup of tea, and when they arrived in the mail I wasn’t sure if they were mine either. I got them during my Nasty Gal Sale Haul and I had to wear them a few times before I figured out if I liked them or not. At first, I thought that they made me look a little crazy and I wasn’t sure if they would go with many outfits. But after a few days, I found myself gravitating towards them instead of my go to Ray Ban Aviators that I wear all of the time. I think that they are SO fun and make me look so glam. I used to think I could only wear them with plain outfits, but I have had so much fun styling them with other patterns and colors! In this case, they are the star of the show in this outfit! It would be boring without them!

Finishing touches: You guys have probably seen both of these because they have been staples in my wardrobe for a while. I bought these gray suede booties last fall and wore the heck out of them. Here I am next fall and I am still loving them! My Rebecca Minkoff cross body is literally my right hand man. This baby has been all around the United States and Europe with me because it is the perfect small bag. It may look small, but it fits so much! I love all of the metal hardware and it always adds a little shine and edge to my outfits. I am really looking to get another Rebecca Minkoff mini mac cross body in another color because I am wearing this one to death! My mom takes a lot of my blog and Instagram pictures for me and she is always telling me that I have to switch it up because this purse is in soooooo many of my pictures!

Thank you guys for reading and I hope you enjoy this outfit!

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Nasty Gal Sale Haul

Nasty Gal Sale Haul