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DIY Tassel Earrings for Under $10

DIY Tassel Earrings for Under $10

As much as I don't even want to think about it, summer is slowly coming to a close. At this point in the summer, my wardrobe definitely needs revamp, but I do not want to spend a lot of money in order to give it some life, because I need to save my money for some back to school clothes! I found the perfect way to spice up your wardrobe with this super cute and easy DIY!

I love statement earrings because they are so much fun and they add excitement to any outfit! They are perfect to wear when I don't feel like washing my hair because they look good with any up do! Ponytails are so easy, but can be pretty boring. But, if you add some super fun statement earrings into the mix, boring look no more! 

Tassel earrings have been my new favorite for this season, but they can be so expensive! Which is funny because tassels are so easy to make yourself! While shopping around for some tassel earrings online, I quickly came to to conclusion that it was silly for me to spend so much money on something I could totally make myself! So, I headed to the craft store and quickly found out that I was right! All of the supplies that I bought were under $10 and I could make more than one pair of earrings with that $10! There is no way that would will be able to find a pair of tassel earrings for that great of a price!!

Pro tip: Before you head to the craft store, (or in the line for the register if you're last minute like me hehe) log on to their website because they always have coupons! I usually shop at Michael's or A.C Moore and they both usually have a 50% one item coupon on their website, which can bring down the cost of whatever you're crafting. Coupons also change all the time, so there might even be one for exactly what you need to buy. Sometimes they even accept their competitor's coupons (like A.C Moore letting you use a Micheal's coupon), so there are always ways to save at the craft store! 

Here are all of the supplies you will need for this DIY: 

  • Embroidery thread
  • Fishhook earrings
  • Jump rings
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun
  • Recommendations: pillars

Also, if you are looking to make some fancier tassel earrings, trying swapping silk thread, instead of the embroidery thread! I have seen a few tassel earrings made with this type of thread and they look so beautiful! Since they are silk, the a little bit more expensive, but would be great to wear to more formal occasions! 


1. Wrap the embroidery thread many times around 3 of your fingers, or more fingers if you want your tassels to be longer than mine. (Tip: count how many times you wrap the thread around your fingers, so both of your tassels have an even thickness).  

2. Slide the thread bundle off your fingers and tie at the top with a smaller piece of string to hold the thread in place. Cut the bottom of the thread bundle, so that it looks more like a tassel now. 

3. Take the embroidery thread and wrap it around the top of the tassel and then tie or glue in place once you have enough. 


4. Attach a jump ring to any of the strings in the top of the tassel in the middle. Open the jump ring with scissors (be careful!) or pillars and slide the earring hook on the jump ring and attach to the tassel. Squish the jump ring close, encasing the earring hook and the piece of thread from the tassel. 

5. Repeat steps to make your second tassel earring.

6. Once you have made both earrings, place them side my side on a flat surface and trim them to make sure that they are even with each other and that all of the strings line up with each other. 

Boom your done! 

The pink pair in the DIY steps were the first pair that I made and then I made the orange ones after, that are in the pictures with me. It was a lot easier the second time around because I practiced with the first pair! The orange ones came out a lot cleaner and I also love the color! I would recommend practicing with one pair or by making one practice tassel first with some random string you might have laying around, in order to make sure that the ones you plan on wearing are perfection! I also found my pillars for the second pair and they made opening the jump rings so much easier than with scissors, so I would recommend using them if you have them! It also was a lot easier using hot clue to hold the tassel in place then actually tying it because it can mess up the shape a little bit!   

Overall this DIY is super easy, affordable, and perfect for summer! I can't wait for you all to make them and please send me pictures and tag me in them if you do! 

Good luck! 

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