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DIY Bandana Hair Ties for Under $10

DIY Bandana Hair Ties for Under $10

I have been seeing bandana and other fabric hair ties at so many different stores and have been obsessing over them! The problem is, they are way too expensive! When I am shopping, it makes more sense to me to spend money on apparel, not a silly little hair tie. Especially when I know I can make it myself for way cheaper. My obsession started when I saw similar hair ties in Anthropologie, where a pack of 3 is $15, and Club Monaco , where only ONE is $12. Each time I was shopping and stumbled upon them, I thought "I need these", until I looked at the price tag. So, after I left the mall, I headed right for the craft store to see if I actually could make my own. 

This DIY is so inexpensive and so easy! I bought two bandanas, each at $1.99, and you can make so many hair ties from just these two. When I think of bandanas, I always think of them being in red and blue, which makes this DIY perfect for Memorial Day this weekend! I think that it is fun to be festive and these hair ties are a great way to be fashionable and festive, without going over board in red, white, and blue. Any other day of the year, these guys will add a little fun and visual interest to any outfit that needs a little oomph!  

The only other supplies you will need are hair ties, which every girl has a million laying around their house if you are like me (and in my purse, car, bedroom, seriously those things are everywhere!), scissors, a glue gun, and glue sticks. I already had all of the other materials needed, so if you do too, this DIY is way under $10! 


(This DIY has two different pieces). 

Piece One: The Bow/Knot

1. Fold your bandana into square fourths. Cut out one of the squares and fold it into square fourths again.

This is what you are looking for:


2. Cut out one of those square fourths and fold in half, so it looks like a triangle.

This is what you are looking for:


3. Then, fold the triangle into a strip, like you would roll a full size bandana to put into your hair. Glue the end to the folded strip, so that it does not come undone and set it aside. 

Piece Two: The Elastic Base 

1. Go back to the big piece of the bandana you have left and unfold the folds you did before. 

2. Cut a lengthwise strip that is around an inch wide. You are going to use this piece to wrap around your boring hair tie. 

3. Glue one side of the strip to the hair tie, so that it stays in place, and wrap it around your hair tie. Keep wrapping until there is a little piece of your hair tie showing, cut off the excess fabric from the strip, and glue the strip to itself, not the elastic! This is important because if you glue both sides of the strip of bandana to the hair tie it will not be stretchy and you won't be able to wrap it a couple times around your ponytail (fellow thick hair girls you feel me?). 

Put Piece One and Two Together 

1. Take Piece One and Tie it in a knot around Piece Two and you're done! Feel free to reinforce your knot with some glue to ensure that it doesn't go anywhere! 

Boom and you're done! You know have the perfect accessory for your Memorial Day party, or just any day you need to dress up your pony! 


xx Aliza 

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