Welcome to Runways & Rosés! My name is Aliza and I'm the face behind Runways & Rosés. I am born and raised a New Englander— living in Massachusetts, summering in Maine, and going to school in Rhode Island. All of these places have influenced my style, from my Boston street style, to my preppy Maine looks. Fashion has always been passion and the one thing I have always been good at. As a little girl, my mom always dressed me up in the cutest clothes, inspiring my love for fashion. Then, once I was older, it was so much fun for me to get dressed in the morning, it was like a game. I loved it when I went to school and my friends would ask me "Where did you get that?" or say "You have the best style!" I combined my love for fashion with my love for writing and finally created my fashion blog, when I came up with the perfect name. It combines my love for fashion and love for anything pink. I am definitely a girly girl, so pink describes me so well.  

As a 21 year old fashion student, I get to live and breathe fashion everyday. But most of the time, my professors are dictating what I am doing—there's no creativity anymore. You have to do what they want you to do in order to get the grade. It's disheartening when you think you have the best idea and your professor doesn't like it and tells you it's wrong. Runways and Rosés was started so I could say whatever I wanted to say about fashion. What can I say, rosé takes the pain away! 

Follow my blog to see all of the fashion trends I am loving and for a glimpse into my lifestyle! 

xx Aliza